Well, it’s been awhile since I last posted. Like more than awhile! It’s been like months but mainly because my life KIND OF WENT CRAZY! The last couple months have been so hectic and I just haven’t had time. Luckily though my life is kind of slowing down for the time being and I can’t be happier! I am taking a makeup artistry course like I’ve always wanted to do and I’ve been getting WAY better. Above is a picture of Sally The Rag Doll that I recently did yesterday evening (Not the best but still not bad!) and I’ve done quite a bit more. You can see more on the “My Makeup” page. Some of them kind of suck and I’m not happy with but I should be fixing the ones I’m not content with soon. My son is now 17 months old and he’s not even a baby anymore he acts like a little man. I love him so much. Anyways, I’m piecing out I gotta do the dishes! Oh and yes the pictures are crappy cell phone photos.. My camera broke!

Our New Hair

Zander and I got hair cuts. this is very first hair cut ever!! The first picture of him and my hair dresser. Gotta love how I’m show casing my messy house but whatever lol. 

Zander being super cute before his very first hair cut! He’s so sweet even when his face is kinda dirty.


Me: What do you want for supper?

Justin: No.

Me: I’m making ribs and rice and veggies okay?

Justin: No.

Me: Supper is ready.

Justin: No.

Me: Did you want me to get you a plate.

Justin: No.

Me: Omfg!! Take off your fucking troll suit!!!

Justin: LOLOL… Okay >:D

**This is what I live with everyday lol**

Shopping FTW

Alright so a few days ago, Justin gave me 550 dollars to go buy myself whatever I wanted! What an awesome boyfriend! On the first day I bought myself some new makeup and 3 purses. Then I decided that I would buy 3 outfits to match my 3 new purses and lets say I prevailed in some awesome purchases!! I also got my nails done too! Which I don’t have to pay for because I have like $400 dollars of nail gift certificates. :)  Not to mention I’m getting my hair done on Tuesday for Mother’s Day!!

The things we do when Zander doesn’t want to sleep… LOL.

Justin is apparently buying a suit.

  • Me: Well, I have a hair appointment on tuesday... What should I dye my hair? I want something I haven't done before... Most definitely NOT black anything but that... Maybe blonde or red? What do you think?
  • *During this entire time Justin is staring off into space.*
  • Justin: I am going to buy a suit tomorrow. When I am not at work... I will wear a suit. *BIGGEST GRIN*
  • Me: ........................................Okay?............................O_O

Well I have been busy lately. I am now in school for makeup artistry and couldn’t be more excited to start. I’ve also been somewhat photogenic lately. lol I’m quite happy and can’t wait for spring! The snow is just melting here in Canada! Zander’s 1st birthday is actually next month! 

Devastating News.

As per usual I take forever in between posts but this time I have good reason. Well 2 weeks ago at 8 weeks into my second pregnancy I missed carried. It was devastating at first but the doctors took 5 days before they confirmed it as an actual miscarriage. By that time I already knew so it was no big surprise. It’s very sad for us because we were both very excited to welcome a new little one. We have been given permission to try again in 2-3 months. Which we definitely will. I bought a angel charm for my pandora bracelet to represent the little one lost. It’s hard thing even though I was so early in the pregnancy but I did sort of get a goodbye before it happened I did get to see the heartbeat which makes it a lot easier to accept. I will never forgot my little angel that I never got to meet but did love so much. <3 One thing that was completely magical and heart touching was that even Zander seemed to feel the sadness. The entire day all he did was cuddle me and spend time with me. It made me be able to handle it a lot better. Love my little guy so much.

Baby Number 2

I have not posted in quite a while because I’ve been pretty sick. Well, I have tried every kind of birth control and kept getting super duper sick because of it. My doctor finally came to the conclusion that I’m allergic to the artificial hormones in birth control causing my body to react like it did. It was horrible. She pretty much told me if I didn’t get an IUD then the last thing for me would be to get my tubes clamped. Both of these have many complications and are not worth the risk.

We ended up deciding that we wanted our kids close together in age and if it happened it happened. Funnily enough, it happened within 2 weeks of us deciding this. I have not talked to doctor yet and will be calling tomorrow. I am 2-3 weeks pregnant as the pregnancy test reads. We are actually really excited and happy! We have told all our parents and will soon tell all our friends. Everyone else is sharing our excitement! I just thought I’d share the news with all of you! Some more exciting stuff is that Zander turns 1 in 3 months!! So excited to give him the best birthday party a 1yearold could dream of. :D